Danielle Brigadette

Camarilla Kindred, Toreador, Prince of the City


Generation: 6th.

One of the most powerful Cainites in New Orleans, her abilities are likely matched only by Morgaine and Marie Laveau. (Not counting any Sabbat who may have snuck in.) She was born in 1558 on the accession of Elizabeth 1 to England. Bastard child of French nobility, she fought on the side of anarchs in the French Revolution, but later joined the Camarilla wholeheartedly. Supposedly, she still has connections to an influential mortal family in France. No one knows why she left her native country for the New World, and if she ever wants to return.

Her primary mansion is in the Garden District. She is very fast, skilled with a sword (a master duelist), has telepathic levels of Auspex, and sometimes has prophetic visions. She can also make someone fall in love with her. Generally, she runs her city with a laissez-faire attitude, but recent events have forced her to take a closer hand in affairs than usual. She overthrew the last Prince, the Ventrue Caius, who was rumored to be an Infernalist. He supposedly fled the city after the duel but was never seen again, giving rise to suspicions that Danielle destroyed him outright. She also is the vampire responsible for ending the life of John Hansen, the New Orleans Axeman, active in the 1920s. However, lately his restless ghost has been known to walk (and slay again).

Danielle Brigadette

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