Catherine Hartshorn, "Speaker to the Dead"

Garou/Lupine, Shadowlord Tribe


Catherine is the emissary of the Garou Nation to the New Orleans court. Her project that led to her advancement in Lupine rank was devising a treaty between the local vampires and werewolves. This city is very much a test case. It has given the werewolves some breathing room to attend to other matters, like politics and the fight against the Wyrm. Catherine successfully made the case that vampires were not necessarily Wyrm-tainted by virtue of being dead, and that in the greater scheme of things, there were worse problems to deal with. Many Garou chafe at this treaty, however, as they witness the parasitic and predatory nature of the Kindred. But perhaps better the devil they know, and who follows rules, than the many outlandish creatures of the Wyrm that gnaw at the heart of the world?

Both signatories to the treaty are waiting for it to fall apart and matters to return to their usual hostilities. So far, the mutual aid and non-aggression pact has lasted eleven years. The mutual aid provision has only been tested between Catherine’s pack, or allied group of Lupines, and a few Kindred in the court. They worked together to help free a trapped spirit and repel the Sabbat. It is unknown if any more than the members of this ad hoc pack and the handful of vampires would aid each other.

Now it seems that Pentex, foe of the Garou these past few centuries, has a strong presence in Lousiana, led by the vampire necromancer Marie Laveau. The Garou are likely to demand the vampires aid them against this common foe, one that the undead seem reluctant to engage directly…

Catherine Hartshorn, "Speaker to the Dead"

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