Camarilla Kindred, possibly Toreador


Diamond’s birth name is Jennifer Amante. Little is known of her background. She moved to New Orleans around 1990, when she opened up a vampire brothrel. All the prostitutes, or “courtesans” as she prefers to call them, are vampires, both male and female. Obviously, this is a win/win situation for the Kindred. They get to feed on willing customers, who receive the Kiss of pleasure, and occasionally a bit of blood. Obviously, the clientele is highly selective and trusted on their discretion. Those who don’t follow the rules or who seek to expose the vampires are quickly eliminated, mind-controlled, or blackmailed. Diamond is rumored to have a number of prominent Louisiana patrons under her influence.

Diamond got her name not merely from her personality (which is gracious but hard-edged), but from her skin, which is glossy white, and rumored to be almost impenetrable. Her clan is supposedly Toreador, but other clans such as Gangrel and Baali have been rumored about her. The Prince of the city merely says that it is no one’s business but Diamond’s, leaving the curious frustrated. Diamond may or may not have a secret business deal with the Prince.


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