Don Sebastian

Lasombra Kindred, Methuselah, Sabbat


Don Sebastian is a Sabbat Methuselah of Clan Lasombra. His rank in the Sabbat is unknown, but Cardinal or Priscus are both possible.

From the White Wolf Wiki: Cardinal—A practical Head of State within the Sabbat. The formal duties of the position are to hold major Ritae and rule over a designated area under Sabbat control. A prestigious title, one will normally find a Cardinal’s territory ranging from a European Country to a Single Major City or to something along the lines of the Entire Eastern Coastline of the USA (ex. His Excellency Cardinal Polonia.) Means of address: “Your Eminence”.

Priscus: Similar to a Bishop, but higher in status and prestige. The Priscus’ (pl. Prisci) job is one of advising to rulers. Most have a designated area of influence, as well as a leader they are related to. A good Priscus works with a Cardinal. However, one of less substatinal standing may work with an Arch-Bishop. Means of address: “Very Reverend Sir/Madam”.

Sebastian first appeared in New Orleans to test the player characters for strength and to announce his general policy of “survival of the fittest”. He showed the male chauvinism of his mortal life and underestimated the women, but was sufficiently impressed by the men’s determination to fight. He was able to handle everything the Brujah and Nosferatu could throw at him, however, and did not seem especially impressed by the prospect of facing four Kindred and a Garou in combat. He wore shadow armor that absorbed most of their blows. Later, he turned up to retrieve his failure of a childe, Ibn Battuta, who was pack leader of the invading two combined Sabbat packs, but had not succeeded in conquering New Orleans. For this failure, Sebastian announced he would soon meet the sun, as he pronounced Battuta “weak”.

Battuta was Gangrel Janise Hardwick’s sworn enemy, though he constantly tried to recruit her to his side. He was from Al-Andalus, the Moorish kingdom in Southern Iberia. Sebastian said that he himself was from Spain. Given his age and coloring, he is most likely to be Catholic. How he came to have a Moorish childe is unknown. Don Sebastian has recently met with the characters to try to explain the ultimate goals of the Sabbat and recruit them. He did not succeed, but likely has not given up. If combat failed, perhaps diplomacy and reason will prevail. He is unlikely to have given up his mission for the Sabbat, whatever that may be.

Don Sebastian

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