John Mandrake

Camarilla Kindred, Tremere


John Mandrake gets no respect. Either in his role as Tremere chantry leader or Primogen on the Prince’s Council, he somehow can’t command the respect he thinks he deserves. He is a skilled thaumaturgist, however, and probably the most powerful Tremere in the city. Alicia Munroe from the chantry might make a better leader, but she wants nothing to do with either of the jobs. The lightning rod, after all, is the Kindred who stands out and gets hit by the lightning.

Mandrake is a master summoner, an adept conjurer, a master in blood magic, and is decent in elemental magic. His story is really quite tragic. He seeks to contact the spirit of his beloved wife, Kira, who died in a car accident, and bring her back to life. Given his ineptness in anything to do with necromancy and the nigh-impossibility of his task, this seems like an uphill battle. Nevertheless, he persists. However, after the problems with creating a ghost gate in the chantry, the rest of the Tremere said that he went or the Gate went.

The Gate is currently housed somewhere else in New Orleans, where he continues his explorations into death. A true power in necromancy like Marie Laveau could doubtless find Kira’s spirit, if it was still restless, and return it to an undead body. It seems unlikely that even she could bring Kira back to true life, though.

In combat, John Mandrake prefers to operate through bodyguards, conjurations, or long distance attacks. He has no particular hand to hand prowess and is known to be of the eighth generation. Previous tactics have included use of summoned Otherworldly spirits, such as Bartimaeus, elementals, and the conjuration of grenade launchers, M-16 assault rifles, and flame throwers. He has a tendency to panic when under stress. Mandrake has a new servant named Farouk, but little is known of him or it.

Mandrake’s greatest achievement is possibly his creation of a synthetic vitae, or blood substitute for vampires. Given the Tremere’s reputation for traps and tricks, though, he rarely succeeds in getting anyone to try it, let alone succeeds in marketing to the general Kindred populace. This might be quite the pity, but who wants to risk drinking anything a Tremere gives you?

John Mandrake

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