Martin D'Richet

Mortal, Mage, Son of Ether


Martin D’Richet is a mage, who has said he belongs to some group called “The Sons of Ether”. His daughter Marie was turned into a vampire ten years ago, and he has been searching for a way to turn her mortal again. With the aid of the vampire scientist Dr. Netchurch and the eccentric mage Jessica Parker, he may succeed in building the Resurrection Machine. But at what cost? Defying the curse of the Kindred won’t be easy.

D’Richet is an inventor and a theorist. He has been known to use a “ray gun” and carry a plasma cannon. Around the Kindred, he habitually goes armed. When working, he wears large glass goggles that have a phosphorescent green substance in between the glass.

Martin D'Richet

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