Camarilla Kindred, Toreador, Witch


Generation: 6th.

Some Tremere apprentice (who mysteriously met with Final Death), called her the “witch bitch”, and the term has stuck. She was Embraced in 1449 and apparently studied with Druids. Her magical powers possibly rival any of the local Tremere. She is reckoned one of the most dangerous Kindred in the city, not just because of her abilities, but because of her temper and possible insanity. The Beast is very close to the surface in her, and her grasp on humanity and sanity is tenuous.

Her childe, Eliza Hanover, tries to keep her in check. She delights in blowing things up and is particularly powerful in analogues to Movement of the Mind and Lure of the Flames. She likes seeing people and places burn, and that is commonly her first line of attack. Most Kindred are sensible enough to avoid fire. . . She also has strong mental defenses and powers. Probing her is not recommended unless you want vicious reciprocation.

Morgaine owns a nightclub near the French Quarter called “Club Zero” and can commonly be found there. She was staked by the Sabbat in 1985 and rescued by the group of Janise Hardwick, Clete Lavalais, Marie LaLaurie, and Hunter Boudreaux, so now owns them a public life debt. Unfortunately for the debtors, she may not be sane enough to honor the normal system of prestation.


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