A Briefing From the Prince circa 1986

A Briefing From the Prince on Our Current Adversaries

Marie Laveau.

Clan Setite, Generation unknown. Reportedly only a couple of hundred years old, if the history is to be believed, so she must be Embraced fairly low generation. Mortal myths confuse Marie Laveau and her mother, also named the same. I believe they are the same person. Most stories say she was born a freed slave in New Orleans before becoming the first among voodoo queens, but I suspect a darker origin born in slavery somewhere in the Caribbean. She presents herself as a modern businesswoman, but her true goals probably involve raising the Antedeluvian and dark god of chaos, Set. To that end, she wishes to rule New Orleans unchecked by the Camarilla. Laveau’s company, Dynasty New Amalgamates (DNA), is a biotechnology firm that has strong ties, or is a subsidiary to, the multinational corporation called Pentex.

I’ve heard bad things about Pentex, initially from Catherine Hartshorn, but my further digging into the situation paints a portrait of a very predatory company with no concern for laws, much less the ecosystem. The DNA building is probably impregnable to anything except a team of Justicars or Garou. If we could lure her out, that would be wonderful, but she lairs in the building. I have heard that she orchestrates voodoo religious rituals in the bayou, so maybe she could be found there. The only other suggestion I have involves a chance for her to gain the Books of Nod fragments that Abd Sharif, the immortal, has in tablets. A chance to gain those might cause her to expose herself. By the way, it’s time for the Tremere chantry to contribute some to our situation—I’d strongly consider you taking the tablets down to the chantry to see if anyone there can translate.

Marie Laveau’s powers include necromancy, spirit control and raising of the dead, among other sorcerous paths, which incline me to think she was a mage of some sort as a mortal, and thus adapted readily to the vampiric magics. She has a cult of Setites and humans working for her. She has also apparently hired a mercenary mage called Blackthorn and has a brace of ghosts working for her.


Despite the pretentious name, Blackthorn is a well-known infamous mercenary mage. He was the one who interfered at Jake Almerson’s mansion when we were attacked by zombies. Apparently he has powers over the “spirit world” and was able to trap the Garou out in wherever they go when they disappear. I’ve seen too much myself to easily dismiss the idea of a spirit world, or a land of ghosts (which I think are two different things), though I can’t tell you exactly what they are. He’s known to be a master conjuror and will attack either through summoned minions or some sort of mental powers.

He seems resistant to Dominate and Presence and likely has equivalents of those himself. Despite all that, he would probably shred easily when faced with Kindred physical might (or high firepower) if someone could get close. For some reason, he dresses all in white, by the way, so easily stands out (though he may be able to disappear at will). I have one suggestion for you: try contacting a certain Jessica Parker, who is known to have magical abilities but no affiliation with organized magical societies. She is young, looks like the musician and pop star called Cyndi Lauper, and has a “thing” for vampires. She thinks they’re cool. Try not to get her killed, won’t you?

Josef Kramer

Ghost. Kramer was the Commandant of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and known as the “Beast of Belsen”. He was a notorious Nazi war criminal and responsible for the deaths of thousands. He was proud of his work. The Allies convicted him of war crimes and hanged him in Hamelin prison after World War II.

I have no idea how Laveau got a hold of this restless spirit, but he was one of the pair who assaulted me at Almerson’s mansion and who Clete was able to chase away. I doubt we have seen the last of him; ghosts are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Since we don’t have any Giovanni in the city, I suggest you talk to the Tremere and see what they know. From my experience, ghosts have to be near a person, place, or thing that they were close to in life. Getting rid of this link, or connection, is an easy way to dispel the ghost. Another method involves certain thaumaturgic and necromantic rituals, or outright human magic. Of course, you could just persuade the ghost to leave you alone…

The axe murderer of New Orleans

Another restless spirit controlled by Marie Laveau. I suppose she has his axe, clothing, or some body part of his that she uses as a link for her voodoo magic. He was a serial killer active in this city and surrounding communities from May 1918 to October 1919. Possibly, he was active as early as 1911. I didn’t ask before I killed him. He was a vicious animal and deserved to be executed. He liked to use an axe, and often bashed in the door to his victim’s homes with the same tool. Attacks were savage and seemingly at random. He murdered at least seven people that I know of and injured several more. Who knows what the true tally of his crimes are? Obviously, he wants vengeance on me, but the question is what is stronger: his hatred or Laveau’s control. For her, they coincide, at least for now. Perhaps if we knew his real name we would know more about how to handle him.

A Briefing From the Prince circa 1986

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