Buying Backgrounds

White Wolf’s Storyteller system does not normally allow players to buy Backgrounds after game creation, but I’m allowing it as long as a good reason is provided in-game and experience points are spent. Players don’t have to spend XP on the new things they acquire in-game. However, if they want “plot protection” for possessions or qualities like a new mansion, resources, ghouls, and retainers, they need to buy and have them reflected on their character sheet. Plot protection means that they are less prone to having bad news happen to them. It doesn’t grant total immunity from harm, but it means that players always have a fair chance in game before losing them.

Here is the XP costs for listed things in V:tM Third Ed:

New Ability 3 New Path 7 New Discipline 10 Attribute: current rating x 4 Ability: current x 2 Clan Disc: current x 5 other Disc: current x 7 Virtue: current x 2 Humanity: current x 2 WP: current rating

It seems to me that we should have one cost for new Backgrounds bought in game, and one cost of (something X a number) for increasing it. Since Backgrounds are more useful than an Ability but less than an Attribute, I’m thinking a brand new Background is 4 or 5 points (depending on the rarity of the Background), and increasing a background is (current x 3).

Buying Backgrounds

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