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The French Opera House was an opera house in New Orleans. It was one of the city’s landmarks from its opening in 1859 until it was destroyed by fire in 1919. It stood in the French Quarter at the uptown lake corner of Bourbon and Toulouse Streets, with the main entrance on Bourbon. Postcard view from late in the building’s history

Designed by James Gallier, Jr., the hall was commissioned by Charles Boudousquie, then the director of the opera company, which had previously made its home in the Orleans Theater. After a dispute with new owners of the Orleans, Boudousquie determined to build a grand new house for French opera. The building went up in less than a year at a cost of $118,500 and for the next sixty years, it was the center of social activity in New Orleans. Not only opera was held there, but also Carnival balls, debuts, benefits, receptions, and concerts. By 1913, however, the house had fallen on hard times and was forced into receivership. An anonymous donor (later identified as William Ratcliffe Irby) purchased the building and donated it to Tulane University, along with the wherewithal to operate it. The building reopened, but went up in flames on the night of December 4, 1919.

The French Opera House itself was the most fashionable establishment in New Orleans in the years between the Civil War and World War I. Attendance at the opera there was a social event of importance with ritual and tradition.

The first night of the opera season was the opening of the social season in New Orleans, and it is an important feature of New Orleans social life.


In the game world, the Opera House was mysterously set on fire in 1919, but the firefighters (directed by the Prince) were able to preserve her favorite entertainment. The Opera has since been expanded to be used for all sorts of events and is considered Elysium, where violence is not tolerated.

Beautiful pictures of the interior can be seen here, . Yes, this is the Boston Opera House reimagined as the New Orleans Opera House. Court is currently held by the Prince in the VIP Room. Ghouls are usually in attendance as well as the Kindred, both for service and feeding, but there is a bar for those wishing and able to drink substances other than blood.

French Opera House

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