House Rules

Most groups have house rules agreed on by the entire group. These are the current house rules in the New Orleans game, chosen to make the Vampire game more fair, cinematic, and full of pulp adventure, while still being a horror game. If players have suggestions on making the game more fair and fun, please contribute!

Ten’s always explode. When you get a roll of 10 on any of your dice, you may continue to reroll that die as long as it comes up 10. Each success adds to your total. However, you don’t have to reroll 10’s, if you are content with the amount of successes you have and don’t want to risk getting a 1 that would reduce your total successes.

Limiting dice pools: you may choose to roll less than your full total of your dicepool, representing the fact that you are not trying to the fullest extent. In some cases this may give you a mathematically better chance of success, due to the risk of botching.

Auto successes: not a house rule per se, this is more a reminder. If your dice pool equals or exceeds the difficulty, you may choose to either have one automatic success or roll for more.

Specialities (chosen for each time you have 4 or higher in an attribute) lower the difficulty by 1 in a role that features your speciality.

Willpower can optionally be represented by poker chips, to encourage spending by the player and refreshing by the GM (idea borrowed from the Savage Worlds game). A Willpower point may be spent for an automatic success. Also, it may instead be spent to gain three extra dice to roll (borrowed from the New World of Darkness rules). Willpower is regained by following one’s nature or doing something heroic, within reason (foolhardy acts will not be rewarded).

Celerity: each blood point spent gives you an extra action, instead of activating all of your Celerity levels. This rule is borrowed from the first edition Vampire: the Dark Ages rules and was implemented because Celerity can be such a game-breaking power. As it is, Celerity is still very powerful.

Thaumaturgy: Since Willpower is very expensive, I have chosen to replace the rule that uses of Thaumaturgy require expenditure of Willpower. Now they require expenditure of Blood Points instead. When a botch happens, instead of losing a point of permanent WP, a Backlash occurs instead. Basically, the GM will have something nasty happen involving the power you were trying to use. If you were using Lure of Flames for instance, and botch, the fire engulfs you instead. Note: this rule is still in beta-test and subject to modification. The goal is to let players and NPCs be more free to use their powers, but still have to pay for them. Most other Disciplines can either be used indefinitely (like Potence) or cost Blood (like Celerity). This brings Thaumaturgy more in line with the other powers.

Chimerstry: Similar to Thaumaturgy, the Discipline is now activated by spending Blood Points, not Willpower points. Botches involve the GM being able to influence the illusion you were trying to create.

Character Creation: Player characters stand out from the masses. They begin with four points of Disciplines, not three as per the standard Masquerade rules, and may buy up from there. This idea is borrowed from the first edition Vampire: the Dark Ages rules. Regular Kindred only begin with three points, however.

Generation: As per Vampire Dark Ages rules, players can begin with as low as seventh generation. Basically, buy one more point in generation and you go down another generation. One for one. Just imagine the little dots that you fill in extending further. So you would need 6 dots in generation to make 7th. Of course, hey, there’s always a price for power. Lower generation equals better eating and a more attractive meal to other power-hungry vampires!

Paths of Enlightenment: If you want to play a Path of Enlightenment, choose one that gets along well with others. A selection of Paths can be found here, as well as in the various Vampire books. Note: the linked webpage has some Paths that were changed slightly in Vampire Revised. Adoption of any version is subject to Storyteller approval. However, Road of the Devil and Path of Evil Revelations are for NPCs only. Most of the others listed are suitable.

House Rules

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