Lousiana Cities and the Supernatural

From Pete: Second biggest metro area, after New Orleans, is Baton Rouge. Metro population 774,000, the state capital. Petrochemicals is a big business. On the Mississippi river, a major port city, the last city on the river that the big boats can reach, so it’s a major rail center also. Formerly a major native American settlement, the local population is less than 2/10 of a percent NA, which is about 1400 people. Many Cajuns however. The original Capitol building looked like a neo-gothic castle! City population is declining, metro is rising. Louisiana State University. A major film studio.

To me, all of this adds up to Ventrue interest because of politics and business; a fading Garou presence; Toreador because of the studio and university; Gangrels because of the Cajuns. Possibly Tremere because of the old capitol building. I can’t guess about mages as Pete knows so little about them, or specific Garou for the same reason. Post-Katrina, BR became a city with thousands of refugess, who are gradually trickling back to NO. This would wreak havoc with the power structure, more than likely, and make security difficult.

Next largest city is Shreveport, way up in the NW part of the state. Metro population 375k. Was the Confederate state capitol. Is a port city, but not much of one. Center for riverboat gambling and tourism. Former petrochemical hub. To me, this adds up to a fading interest for Ventrue; maybe some old ‘rebel’ kindred of whatever clan; probably a strong interest by Ventrue and/or Tremere because of the gambling.

Reply from John: I’d think Shreveport/Bossier City would be the likeliest Sabbat enclave. It’s got a significant crime rate, and is seedy as all hell. Typical block goes: check cashing/pawn shop, then a casino, then a drive-thru daquiri stand. Sounds like a haven for lawless predators…

Back to Pete: Next city is Lafayette, metro 256k. It’s in the SW part of the state, off the major river. Has a large Cajun population; unlike other large metro areas, which tend to be about 50% white, is 68% white, probably because of the heavy Cajun population – 11% speak French and/or Cajun. Manufacturing/IT center. Brags about nightlife, but the list of places sounds more small-town – a small town trying to be a big town. To me, this sounds like Gangrel and Brujah, probably a strong Garou population.

Finally, last city of any real size, Lake Charles, 195k metro. Way in the SW part of the state. It’s a petrochemical center, tourism, gaming, and a huge casino, festival center. This sounds like another small city, struggling with a failing industry, trying to reinvent itself, and make money off the gambling boom. Probably contested amongst the Camarilla clans – not big enough to bring in a powerful elder, or to interest any large group of Garou or mages.

For New Orleans: If I was a Sabbat infiltrator, I would look at the easiest way to massively disrupt the city… wait for a hurricane with a big storm surge, and dynamite a couple of levees. The evidence would be washed away by the flood, and it would create massive chaos, just the thing that the Sabbat likes.

John’s idea sounds good to me – Sabbat doesn’t tend to thrive in an environment of order and peace, so they move towards depressed areas where crime is high, and the occasional corpse in the gutter isn’t such a big deal, and where there are plenty of nameless poor to prey on.

From Mack (the GM): I really shouldn’t reply to the stuff about Hurricane Katrina. Let’s just say I have ideas for the disaster that involve the Jihad and the End Times, and leave it at that. (No, it will not actually be Gehenna, though it might feel like it). The 2005 hurricane would be a good stopping point for our New Orleans game (though I have backup plans, depending on what the players do). After that I want to do Vampire: Dark Ages and come back to your old characters maybe later down the line. :)

We’re still in 1996. It’s not the end of the world yet in canon (which may or may not come to pass in my game), though we may have a time “jump” after the latest story arc… For now, let’s say the Sabbat are still out there, and so is Marie Laveau. Great work, people.

Lousiana Cities and the Supernatural

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