Tremere Case Files

(Not really in-character knowledge unless you’re a Tremere, this was nonetheless too good not to include.)

From the Files of Alicia Munroe

If I didn’t mention someone in these files, they’re not powerful enough to be important or a threat. Use this information as you see fit, apprentice, with the caveat that if you find Final Death in the process, don’t come back haunting me. You’re at a level where I can hopefully trust you with these files. Always remember: you may further your own interests as long as they coincide or don’t conflict with the plans of House and Clan Tremere. By the way, don’t try photocopying these papers, either; there’s a self-destruct spell set into them. You’ll have to make your notes the old-fashioned way, by hand.

Tremere Chantry: Found as a three story building on Mission Street, the Chantry operates under cover of an import/export business during the day, thanks to some very reliable ghouls. We actually turn a profit, for what it’s worth, and the cover allows us to ship and receive artifacts and magical supplies from all over the world without rousing suspicion. Current ranking members of the Chantry are Randolph Carter, John Mandrake, and of course myself, Alicia Munroe. Each of us has one apprentice. We also have several Gargoyles on hand, a number of homunculi, and other Tremere experiments running around. Remember, at six, we lack the mystically significant number of seven, and so are actively recruiting for another apprentice. Please keep your eyes open for suitable candidates.


Myself. What you don’t know by now, you don’t need to know yet.

Randolph Carter, Master of the Silver Key. Randolph is responsible for most of the gates and wards around the Chantry and also installed the wards on the Prince’s mansion. He is very advanced in Auspex and regularly traverses the ethereal realms in his astral form. He also thus the source of much of our information about New Orlean’s supernatural population. Randolph was born in Boston around 1874 and studied at Miskatonic University. He was Embraced when he was 54.

John Mandrake. Chantry leader and Primogen (See bio elsewhere).

Apprentices: Various, hardly worth mentioning (aside from yourself, of course).


Catherine Hartshorn, “Speaker to the Dead”. Species: Werewolf. Affiliation: Shadow Lords.

Catherine is responsible for the creation of the non-aggression pact and peace treaty between the Camarilla Kindred and the Garou, as they call themselves. In mundane life, she is a student at Tulane. Among the supernatural, she is a leader of some sort. I was initially dubious about the peace treaty, but it has proven to be a huge success, allowing both sides to prosper and ending the constant violence. I don’t expect it to last more than a few decades, if that, but while it does, everyone has to honor the rules, which can be reviewed at the Chantry. In summary, no feeding on the Garou and no overt control, manipulation, or aggression. Any offended parties may have reparations. They reserve the right to ask for our aid in times of mutual defense, such as the recent Sabbat attacks that were repelled. Similarly, we can ask for theirs. Obviously, we want to avoid doing this as much as possible. Oh, and if you want spare parts for your studies, you’ll have to obtain one of the sub-species called “Black Spiral Dancers”, of which we have plenty running around the city.

Abd Sharif, aka Akmen-ra. Species/Affiliation/Status: Some sort of living, breathing immortal, as far as we can tell.

He is a friend of the Prince, and Egyptian in descent. Sharif is the current curator for the Egyptian exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art, which is on loan from Cairo. From John Mandrake’s report, he claims to be thousands of years old and apparently has some mastery over the magic arts, as well as combat skill. He has been seen eviscerated, stabbed in the chest with a sword, and shot full of arrows, yet still survived. He possesses ancient copies of the Book of Nod, which we would love to get our hands on. The copies have been moved, but Mandrake was part of the museum fight where Setite priests tried to steal the Books. He, Abd Sharif, and a small pack of Kindred were also sucked into a dimension portal that led to Ghulheim, some sort of barren desert with bizarre, spatially-bent cities, populated by what were called nightghaunts and true ghouls (subhuman eaters of the dead). Needless to say, we are very interested in talking to Mr. Sharif.

Dalben Race: Demon

Prominent characteristics: snake eyes, hidden tail, pale, jaws that unlock. He is an attorney who works for the law firm of Wolfram and Hart. Remember, Tremere do not parley with the demonic! (No matter how useful that might be.) Not everyone who works for Wolfram and Hart is a demon, of course. However, they are undoubtedly all tainted in some way. Use extreme caution if you encounter this individual, do not sign anything, and try to point the local Garou at him.

Danielle Brigadette, Prince. Clan: Toreador. Generation: 6th.

One of the most powerful Cainites in New Orleans, we estimate her abilities are matched only by Morgaine and Marie Laveau. Bastard child of French nobility, she fought on the side of anarchs in the French Revolution, but later joined the Camarilla wholeheartedly. She was born in 1558 on the accession of Elizabeth 1 to England. Her primary mansion is in the Garden District. She is very fast, skilled with a sword (a master duelist), has telepathic levels of Auspex, and sometimes has prophetic visions. She can also make someone fall in love with her. Generally, she runs her city with a laissez-faire attitude, but recent events have forced her to take a closer hand in affairs than usual. She overthrew the last Prince, the Ventrue Caius, who was rumored to be an Infernalist. He supposedly fled the city after the duel but was never seen again, giving rise to suspicions that Danielle destroyed him outright.

Morgaine Clan: Toreador. Generation: 6th.

One of the apprentices called her the “witch bitch”, and the term has stuck. She was Embraced in 1449 and apparently studied with Druids. Her magical powers possibly rival any of the Tremere currently in the Chantry, much as I am loathe to admit it. However, her grasp on humanity and sanity is very tenuous. Her childe, Eliza Hanover, tries to keep her in check. She delights in blowing things up and is particularly powerful in analogues to Movement of the Mind and Lure of the Flames. I would go so far as to say she likes seeing people and places burn, as that is commonly her first line of attack. Most Kindred are sensible enough to avoid fire. . . She also has strong mental defenses, so I do not recommend probing her unless you want her to experiment with the same. Morgaine owns a nightclub near the French Quarter called “Club Zero” and can commonly be found there. She was recently staked by the Sabbat and rescued by the group of Janise Hardwick, Clete Lavalais, Marie LaLaurie, and Hunter Boudreaux, so now owns them a public life debt. I would not want Morgaine to owe me anything; I believe she is not sane enough to honor the normal system of prestation for long.

Marie Laveau Clan: Setite. Generation: Unknown.

One of the three most powerful Kindred in the New Orleans, in my estimation. I would be gratified they are all female except that Marie is vicious, power mad, malefic, and has chosen the exact right time to make her move. Now that the Camarilla is weakened by repelling the Sabbat, she uses her zombies, ghosts, spirits, and other creatures to harry us. I believe she is building to some master stroke, but I have no idea what it is. A safe bet would be somehow resurrecting the progenitor Set or restoring contact with him. Outwardly, she presents herself as a modern business woman and major stockholder in Dynamic New Almalgamates, a biotech startup company. In reality, she has not forgotten the world she grew up in, nor has she forgotten the era of slavery.

We have traced her company ties and her business has strong connections, and perhaps is an actual subsidiary of, the multinational conglomerate known as Pentex. Rumors about Pentex are…disturbing. We have little solid information on Laveau, and regular histories conflate the mother and the child, both named Marie Laveau, who were voodoo queens in New Orleans. I personally believe that they are the same person. I also suspect that she was brought to New Orleans as a slave and then freed, or Embraced as a Kindred in Jamaica, thus freeing herself of her bonds. Few of my informants have survived meeting her, as she is also a necromancer.

Tremere Case Files

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