Hunter Boudreau

Hunter is a young teen, whose appearance and speech give away his Cajun roots.


Hunter is short and slim, under five feet tall. He is attractive, but is just a boy in his early teens, so this isn’t really a factor with most kindred. His skin is dark for a kindred, which implies that he was probably a very dark skinned Cajun in life.


He is mostly bluff and bluster, but has been known to fight when needed, though he his as likely to hide as not. He very rarely will take any sort of leadership role, preferring to remain quietly in the background most of the time. He is , however, a big fan of military history and fiction, and thus has a good grasp of strategy, and will offer ideas at times.

He has a poor relationship with virtually any sort of authority figure, especially those who appear incompetent, or those who tread on his perceived turf.

Hunter is known to have his fingers in the prostitution scene in the seedier parts of the French Quarter, and to have contacts with other criminal types in the area.

The powers he gained during his years of being a Nosferatu inclined him to be a spy and thief, and he is known to be skilled in these areas. His new powers as a Ravnos will probably only enforce these traits.

He often speaks crudely about women, probably due to his upbringing around prostitutes. This has been less noticeable as he has hung around a better class of people.

Hunter is cool under pressure, and is unhesitatingly ready to kill if the circumstances seem to warrant it.

Hunter Boudreau

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