Vadik Sikorskiy

7th Generation ?


Ukranian by birth, Vadik (originally Igor) Sikorskiy was born in 1889. Embraced for his intellect and innovative mind, he immigrated to America in 1919 during the heighth of the Russian October Revolution. Establishing himself as one of the innovative minds of the 20th century and creating the Sikorsy Manufacturing company (America’s premier manufacturing company for helicopters, both domestic as well as military), he quickly rose to prominence as both a valued inventor as well as a specialist on Kindred Lore.

He is accompanied often by his ghoul and corporate lawyer, Tatyana.


Vadik is a specialist in shapeshifting and infiltration. He is the conceptional Euorpean gentleman; slow to anger, calm, private and diplomatic but harboring a very dark side. He rarely shows his displeasure in public, preferring “alone time” with the object of his displeasure. While these times are rarely fatal unless provoked, they are typically cruel and thoroughly educational.

Vadik Sikorskiy

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